Welder Workforce Development Grant Application

Project Description and Outcomes
Attach a detailed description, not to exceed two pages, that includes the following:
  • How the grant will be used to impact the shortage of welders
  • How you will maintain the already established relationship between company and education/training institution
  • How the grant will improve the welding education/training at the institution
  • Length and type of education/training program required by the company. The education/training institution must commit to offering the program as defined by the company. All education/training curricula must be based on the participating company’s needs. Safety and welder workforce issues must be stressed in all education & training programs. The partnering company must commit to hiring graduates of the educational institution’s program.
  • Must include expected outcomes: outreach to potential students, number of individuals successfully trained, number of individuals hired by company, etc.
Suggested Attachment Examples
(you may also compress all attachment files into a zip file, we only allow one upload per application if you want to upload more than one file with your online form submission)
  1. Itemized Budget
  2. Timeline (all funds to be expended within one year from receipt of funds)
  3. Letter of Commitment from Education/Training Institution
  4. Letter of Commitment from Company
  5. OSHA reports
  6. List of all involved contacts at the company
  7. List of all involved contacts at the education/training institution
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Welder Workforce Development Grant
AWS Foundation
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Application Deadline:

Must be received at the AWS Foundation by July 31st, 2009

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