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Long Beach / Orange County Section Specific Scholarships

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February 2011 Flyer

[Posted February 5, 2011]  The February 2011 Flyer is now available for download. To download the flyer, please click “Read More” or go to the “LINKS & DOWNLOADS” tab and look for it under the Downloads section. 

Scholarship Applications Due Date

Posted: February 5, 2011

OCC Students Titanium Welding Project

[Posted: February 2, 2011]  Mike Lannom and Matt Gilliland created a chamber from plexiglass, aluminum, a plumbing gasket, and motorcycle air filter to test the effects of inert gas on titanium welds.

October 2010 Flyer

The October 2010 Flyer is now available for download. To download the flyer, please click “Read More” or go to the “LINKS & DOWNLOADS” tab and look for it under the Downloads section. 

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Forbes - Economy's Tragic Mismatch - July 26, 2016

It is a very insightful article that points out that the lack of skilled labor is the major problem facing our future needs by businesses in the US. A focus of the article is placed by Mr. Karlgaard on welders and the shortage of skilled welders needed for the future. It is very important that the focus on skills training and the skills trades are receiving coverage and exposure at this level.

As all of you know, it is a real effort we have at AWS and the AWS Foundation to focus more resources and scholarships for welding training. Articles such as this substantiate that our focus is on target for industry needs in the US.


Big Bend Community College Student Chapter Builds Battering Ram for Police Armored Vehicle


Welding Thunder 2016

The 5th annual WELDERS WITHOUT BORDERS: WELDING THUNDER TEAM FABRICATION COMPETITION will be held in Las Vegas this November as part of the 2016 FABTECH show. Thank you AWS District 21 for being this year’s sponsor. VIEW THE WELDING THUNDER 2016 PAGE

Welder Training Scholarships (US & Canada)

Welder Training Scholarships are available to AWS Districts to provide funds to students seeking welder training through a trade school, community college, or other facility providing welder training programs, such as Tulsa Welding School and Hobart Institute of Welding Technology; or for an AWS Certified Welder (CW) seminar.
    AWS Welder Training Scholarship Overview
    Welder Training Scholarship Application

Welder Finds Inspiration In Superheroes

When it comes to finding appreciation for the art of welding, David Landon doesn’t have to look any further than Hollywood. LEARN MORE

AWS Sections, please share this article originally posted on the front page of the Yankton Daily Press and Dakotan on your Facebook pages and with your friends and family.


Diversity in Welding: Welders in the Spotlight Videos

Learn about the inspiring stories of four welders in the welding community.


Sydnee Brey

Samuel Torres

Bobby Counts

Roman Weasel

AWS Weldlink

You can now create your free profile on WeldLink! This is the future of job searching, planning, and management for welders around the world. Sign up today and get started! REGISTER NOW


This video looks at just some of the exciting careers options available to women (and men) who decide to invest their time in the study of welding. VIEW VIDEO