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Long Beach/Orange County February 28, 2018 Meeting [EVENT REPORT]

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Student Night at Encore Specialty and Industrial Gas Facility - April 26, 2018

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October 2017 Technical Meeting

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September 2017 Meeting Announcement

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Welding Thunder 2017 Competition Guidelines

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Board Members

Eric Budwig

Paul Anderson
1st Vice Chairman

Linda Thomas

Michael Lannom
Treasurer & Certification Chair







2018 Upcoming CWI Seminar/Exam


2017 District Conferences – Staff Report

  • Overall, when compared to the welding industry, the American Welding Society had a reasonably good year in 2016. We want to thank our Volunteers and Staff for their devoted efforts in making AWS successful.


Women Weld Too

Learn about the demand for Female Welders!.



Welder Training Scholarships

Welder Training Scholarships are available to AWS Districts to provide funds to students seeking welder training through a trade school, community college, or other facility providing welder training programs, such as Tulsa Welding School and Hobart Institute of Welding Technology; or for an AWS Certified Welder (CW) seminar.
    AWS Welder Training Scholarship Overview
    Welder Training Scholarship Application