April 2018 Meeting Announcement



Dear Philadelphia Section Member:
  Please take notice of the next scheduled Informational Session:

When: April 11, 6pm

Where: Amuneal Mfg. Corp.
  4737 Darrah St.
  Philadelphia, PA 19124

What: Discussion about Magnetic Shielding, Mumetal, and Annealing. Shop tour (4 pit furnaces, 2 press brakes (1 Amada, 1 Trumpf), 1 Trumpf Laser, Powder Coat Booth).

Food will be provided.

Here’s the website for the side of the business I work for: http://www.amuneal.com/magnetic-shielding/case-studies

Amuneal Manufacturing Corp. is a manufacturing organization in the Philadelphia area. Since 1965, Amuneal has been serving highly technical markets, working with leaders in aerospace, electronics, cryogenics, healthcare, and research to supply cost-effective magnetic shielding strategies and products that outperform the most demanding requirements. Amuneal Manufacturing Corporation is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

One note is that you must be citizens of the US and provide ID in order to gain admission into the building. If this is a problem, please let me know ASAP. I can be reached via cell at :(610)-517-0729

Warmest regards,

Harry Graham
  Philadelphia Section, Chairman