Weld Repair Conference, Aug 8, 2017 - Aug 9, 2017, Portland, Oregon


Weld Repair Conference
Aug 8, 2017 - Aug 9, 2017
Portland, Oregon

Weld repairs occur across nearly all industries and types of alloys. Whether it is performed immediately after joint completion, after hydrostatic testing & NDE or after the failure of an in-service component, successful repair welding should take into account code compliance, Quality Assurance, Fitness-for-Service and economic considerations. Each weld pass adds another chapter in the thermal and mechanical history of the component, affecting its mechanical and/or corrosion resistance properties. Accurately planning, designing and executing the repair are critical to make the component suitable for continued service. In addition to general industry & tribal knowledge, many guidelines exist within API, ASME, NBIC and AWS standards for executing a successful weld repair process.

This conference will provide case studies, discuss the application of repair codes / guidelines, and better connect the welding industry from fabricators, material suppliers and operators to discuss the importance and complexity of repair welds.

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Date posted: June 8, 2017